All our overall patches are sold at a price of 3€/piece. You can make an order with the form below.

  • Choose your patches.
  • Check the price. Account for shipping!
  • Fill in your name and address. If you want to save on postage costs and fetch the patches from Kontinkangas, say so in “other information.”
  • Accept the collection of your personal information for the time it takes to finish the sale.
  • Send the order and wait for payment instructions.

    (Sales of these patches are used to support band activity.)

    HOX! A postage fee of 2.30 € for a letter under 50g (~10 patches) and 4.60 € for a 50g - 250g letter will be added to the final sum.

    I accept the storage of my personal information for the duration of the sale.

    Once you’ve left an order, the person responsible for sales receives an email about it and send you payment instructions. Personal information is not collected anywhere but this email and will be deleted after a successful order or a week after sending payment instructions. If you want to make an especially large order, contact directly.