Anniversary Ball

Anniversary Ball in general
The event has been postponed until March 2022
The Anniversary Ball is the most honorable academic celebration of the guild. The Honorability of the Anniversary Ball shows in dress code, evening program and etiquette. Even though the Anniversary Ball is a very traditional academic celebration with rule-like etiquette, every member of the study society is welcome to celebrate. In the Histoni Guild, we celebrate the Anniversary Ball every 5th year, so freshmen and other students do not want to miss the big 50th Anniversary Ball of Histoni.
Cocktail event
Cocktail event is primarily an event for invited guests to give their present or greeting to Histoni ry. The event consists of greetings directed to Histoni ry and stepping on bottle caps. The Cocktail event usually starts two or three hours prior to the Evening Ball and guests proceed together to the Evening ball from the Cocktail event. The Ceremony master will lead the event. Sparkling beverages and something small to eat are served in the event. Despite the name of the event, the dress code of Cocktail event is the same as in the Evening Ball, which is full dress. All guests are welcome to attend the Cocktail event, but the guests not having a greeting time reserved do not have to attend the Cocktail event.
Evening Ball
The Anniversary Ball is celebrated in March 2022 in Ravintola Rauhala, Oulu. During the Anniversary Ball three-course dinner is served and speeches and evening program is followed. The Ceremony master will lead the Evening Ball. Outerwear, backpacks and other big bags are left in the cloakroom. It is allowed to have only a small envelope-like clutch at the table during the evening ball. The clutch should be on lap, not on the table, during the evening ball. It is suitable to leave your table only when courses are served and your table is finished or during breaks announced by the Ceremony master. If one needs to leave the table, do not do it during speeches or other performances. During the Evening Ball, academic songs are sung. The Ceremony Master will introduce the guests how to propose a song. Only the verses written to the song bucklet are sung and it is not suitable to start any extra verses.
After party
If the After party of the Anniversary Ball is organized in a different location as the main event, there is an organized bus ride to the after party. One may lighten one’s dressing e.g. by leaving heels and suit jackets to the cloakroom. Student overall are not suitable outfit for an after party. Something to drink and eat is served at the after party. Hot dance floor and probably a performer will entertain guests. Academic Herring breakfast aka ‘Sillis’ Academic Herring Breakfast aka ‘Sillis’ is organized on the following day after the Evening Ball. Sillis starts around 12 o’clock in a later announced location. Brunch-type breakfast with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served in Sillis. Sillis might be organized with a certain theme and guests are expected to dress following the theme to the Sillis. Guests may also wear their student overall in Sillis and accessorize it with the theme. Sauna might be warm in Sillis so pack a swimsuit and a towel with you. After Sillis, the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Histoni might continue to the After Party of the Sillis to some restaurant of Oulu.
Anniversary Week
The Anniversary week of Histoni ry is celebrated in March 2022. The Anniversary week consists of different Histoni-like Events of the Anniversary week published on January 2021.
Etiquette and dress code
The dress code of the Anniversary Ball is full dress which means Tail coat, folk costume, national dress or full-length evening dress that covers ankles. Guests are allowed to wear a dark lounge suits to the Anniversary Ball but the evening dress has to always be full-length in honor of the event. If you choose to wear an evening dress, keep in mind that shoulders should be covered until dessert is served. It is allowed to wear an envelope-style clutches with the long evening gown, but the clutch should not have a strap. The clutch should be so small enough to be kept on your lap during the evening ball. Guest’s are not allowed to keep the clutch on the table on any occasion. When the dessert is served in the Anniversary Ball, guests can lighten their dress e.g. by taking their shoulder scarf off and placing ‘Cognac Ears’ to one’s head. The dress code of After party is free, but one is not allowed to wear student overalls. One may lighten their dress by e.g. undressing suit coat or shoulder scarfs. You may also change your full-length dress to a lighter one. There is usually a theme in Herring Breakfast aka ‘Sillis’ and guests are expected to be dressed following the theme. Guests can wear student overalls in Sillis and accessorize it with the theme. There might be a possibility for a Sauna during Sillis, so keep in mind to pack a swimsuit and a towel with you if you like to go to sauna. The theme of the Sillis is announced later.
Ribbons and academic decorations
The dress code of the Anniversary Ball includes ribbons (Student union ribbon, Faculty ribbon or Guild ribbon) and academic decorations. The Student union ribbon is worn uppermost and e.g. Faculty ribbon or Umbrella Guild ribbon is worn under it. The ribbon can be worn in three different ways: the ribbon goes from right shoulder sideways over chest to left side or from left shoulder sideways over chest to right side or the ribbon is folded as rosette and worn on bodice The Faculty ribbon of the Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular medicine (FBMM) is 20 mm wide and it’s green, silver and blue coloured. The board members of Histoni ry sells the Faculty ribbon of FBMM. The general guid and etiquette in the Anniversary Ball of Histoni ry is as follows: Academic decorations are worn on top of chest pocket or in the corresponding place. Keep in mind that academic decorations should be worn in academic events and celebrations as the awarded direction has guided. The guide how to wear decorations awarded by Student Union of University of Oulu (OYY) are written to the Festive Regulation of OYY. The guide to wear ribbons and academic decorations in the Anniversary Ball of Histoni ry is based on the Festive Regulation of OYY and its guide on how to wear ribbons and decorations.
Anniversary Ball and Coronavirus
Histoni ry is not still planning on having our Anniversary Ball in March 2021. We will keep an eye on the COVID-19 instructions of the authorities and we’ll update our guidelines accordingly. More detailed security guidelines can be found here closer to the date of our anniversary ball.
One needs to enroll in the Annual Ball in advance. Invited guests may enroll at the Annual Ball two weeks before other guests and the enrollment instructions are sent with the invitation. With the enrollment guests are able to tell their need for a special diet or wish table company (max 3 persons/guest). In addition, the Annual Ball team kindly asks invited guests to reserve a greeting time in a Cocktail event. Enrollment at the Annual Ball for Invited guests and members of Histoni ry opens at the beginning of the year 2021. The enrolment sheet and instructions are posted to this page. The Annual Ball team kindly encourages everyone to subscribe to the e-mail list of Histoni ry and follow Histoni in social media so you do not miss the enrollment.
The Team
The Anniversary Ball team plans and executes the Anniversary Ball celebrations with the Board of Histoni ry. The leader of the Anniversary Ball team is Anniversary Ball Queen Eevasisko Mehtätalo. There is still work for more people so if you like to join the Anniversary Ball team and help, feel free to contact Anniversary Ball Queen via e-mail. Working in the team gives valuable freshmen points.

  • Susanna Kirsilä
    The Chair of Histoni ry 2020
  • Eevasisko Mehtätalo
    the Anniversary Ball Queen
    Telegram @eevamehtatalo
    Discord Vuosijuhlakuningatar Eevasisko
  • Anni Kääriäinen
    Responsible person of the collaborations
  • Annastiina Rytkönen
    Responsible person of the collaborations
  • Benjamin Michelin
    Responsible person of the song book
  • Iida Nikkinen
    Responsible person of decoration
  • Nova Hongisto
    Freshmen member
  • Other members of the Anniversary Ball team
    Margareta Kurkela
    Manu Markkanen
    Konsta Saarijärvi
    Bence Berki
    Kalle Niemi
    Lauri Rannaste
    Kari Suutari
The 50th Anniversary Ball of Histoni ry is made possible by the following cooperation partners:

Admescope - Admescope is a research company based in Oulu focusing on ADME-Tox drug metabolism studies. Admescope plans and conducts research services for biotech and pharma companies, and they have customers in 29 countries. Admescope’s primary research site is in Oulu, Finland, and they also have a research site in Södertälje, Sweden. Read more at:

Roal - Roal is an enzyme manufacturing biotech company situated in Rajamäki, Finland. Their main professions focus on large scale Trichoderma, Aspergillus and Bacillus fermentations, which are used to refine products for different industrial applications. Roal's enzyme production facility is one of the largest in the world and they employed approximately 160 people in 2019. Read more at:

Microfluidics, microtechnology and image analysis solutions provider Finnadvance is a startup from Finland which specializes in tailored disease models and organ-on-chip devices, and microfluidic design and fabrication. Along with hardware development, Finnadvance is also dedicated to provide services in complex image and big data analysis from micro- to macroscopic scales, that is a key element in imaging-based studies. Read more: